31 October 2005

About Gladesville ARC

The Gladesville Amateur Radio Club, Inc., located in Sydney (Australia), provides a service to Amateur Radio operators and the general community, by promoting education and Amateur Radio through the use of Amateur Television.

The club aims:

1. to supply a quality television signal to as large an area of Sydney as possible;

2. with the assistance of all ATV groups in Sydney and environs to relay our transmissions to the Central and South Coast.

3. to eventually install a link over the Blue Mountains to feed the areas west of Sydney.

4. to move as far into television technology to keep the quality of the transmissions as close to broadcast specifications as is technically possible;

5. eventually, to help local councils to become aware of Amateur (ham) radio, and to help the public understand Amateur Radio and the communication services that amateurs can provide;

6. to promote the Wireless Institute of Australia, by relaying their news broadcasts, and showing test transmission material relating to their services;

7. to provide an educational service, including videotape hire for novice and full call Amateur electronic theory courses.

Over the past 12 years, Gladesville Amateur Radio Club has conducted regular ATV test transmissions, using both live and pre-recorded material.

One of the requirements of producing a quality transmission is the content, and to this end, the club produces its own interviews and lectures for use on the test transmissions, as well as using tapes from sources such as NASA (www.nasa.gov), CSIRO (www.csiro.gov.au), universities, etc.

To continue this work, the equipment required can be complex. We are constantly in a process of continuous expansion and improvement. Not only do we maintain our existing facilities, but we also install new equipment, ranging from completely built from scratch, to reconditioned, modified and even new commercial equipment.

The club station requires that maintenance be done on the equipment and there are a few dedicated club members that come to our assistance. To keep the club’s test transmissions continuing requires many hours of effort, and assistance from many sources.